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 Lyra Hadnan

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PostSubject: Lyra Hadnan   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:10 pm

(Belongs to Peskwee, saved from old forums)

Full Name: Lyra Hadnan
- Nicknames: N/A
- Titles: Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary

Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Religion: Creator Pantheon
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Is quite skilled with the Bow and Javelins. Was hired to kill 'Frokhhr Bloodcrusher' Ogre Warchief, but failed the bounty.
Age: 20
- Place of Birth: Typhon (The Port town Iliuro)
Condition: Alive and Healthy
Occupation and Affiliation: Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Known Relatives: Mother and Step Father Hadnan in Iliuro and Step Brother Madorn Hadnan

Appearance: Born from a family of coastal fishermen and sailors she has the trademark South western Blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is generally pulled back in a ponytail. She is fair in looks aside from two short scars on her lower left cheek. She is thin and of average height. Her look can be described as feirce or striking. She usually tries to look tough.

Equipment and Clothing: A brown travelling cloak, leather straps, shinbracers, armbracers, shoulderpads and studded leather bodice. The leather armor is peiced together loosley to allow mobility. She wears dark green boys clothing underneath the armor. A yew longbow, Javelins, short-sword, arrows, dagger and buckler for weapons.

Personality: Stubborn and strong willed. Kind and loyal to those she trusts. Her trust is generally hard to earn.

History: She was born and raised in Typhon and found her first 'treasure map' when she was 13. Ever since she has wanted to pursue her dream of finding unthinkable riches in the far, unknown places of the world. She has worked a number of jobs as a mercenary/bounty hunter/assassin and hopes that this will bring her closer to her goal of finding the ultimate treasure.

Most similar picture/reference I could find, so, Slightly less elfish, and slightly more leather/weapons. :]
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Lyra Hadnan
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