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 Madorn Hadnan

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PostSubject: Madorn Hadnan   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:10 pm

(Belongs to Peskwee, saved from old forums)

Full Name: Madorn Hadnan
- Nicknames: N/A
- Titles: Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary

Race: Giant
- Gender: Male
- Religion: Creator Pantheon
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Was hired to kill 'Frokhhr Bloodcrusher' Ogre Warchief, but failed the bounty.
Age: 23
- Place of Birth: Typhon (The Port town Iliuro)
Condition: Alive and Healthy
Occupation and Affiliation: Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Known Relatives: Mother and Step Father Hadnan in Iliuro and Step Sister Lyra Hadnan

Appearance: Madorn is an average sized Giant with a height of 10 feet tall and nearly 400 pounds. He has a shaved head and a short beard. His arms and face show many small scars. He has a very stalky, Muscled build and is quite intimidating to the average human.

Equipment and Clothing: A brown travelling cloak, Studded leather shin bracers and arm bracers. Leather Bodice and Iron knuckle gauntlets. He also carries a thick great helm. He will sometimes use axes or other blunt weapons.

Personality: Quiet and Passive for the most part, yet sometimes can be easily prone to rage. Very protective of those he loves. Intelligent and literate.

History: Born and raised in Typhon and brought into his Step sister Lyra's household at the age of 4, when his father married her mother. Grew up protecting Lyra and when she decided to become a treasure hunter and adventurer, he followed initially to keep her safe but has found a calling in it aswell.
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Madorn Hadnan
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