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 Uskar Baresh

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PostSubject: Uskar Baresh   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:07 pm

(Belongs to SMP, saved from old forums)

Full Name: Uskar Baresh
- Nicknames: The Baron
- Titles: ?

Race: Dwarf
- Gender: Male
- Religion: None
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Incredibly strong, can take extreme beating.

Age: 103
- Place of Birth:Malvandra

Condition: Alive
Occupation and Affiliation: Crime Lord of the Bloodmasons.
Known Relatives: None

Appearance: Quite large for a dwarf. He has a gigantic beard and a thunderous voice. His clothes and weapons are stained with blood. He has long flowing black hair.

Equipment and Clothing: Huge Jewel Encrusted Hammer and a serrated foot long knife. His armor is mixed and matched, it was taken from his enemies. The helmet he wears was taken from the previous Lord.

Personality: Incredibly ruthless, violent and vengeful. He does what needs to be done without hesitation, willing to kill anything in his path.

History: At the age of 5 he witnessed his parents and brother slaughtered by raiders. He still remembers the face of the man who killed them, he made it his goal in life to get revenge. Made an orphan, he was taken under the wing of Fadril, the crime lord who ran the Bloodmasons. The Bloodmasons would run the prostitution and extortion rings. He grew up as the lords mentor.

He was quickly rising to the top when he discovered Fadril had ordered the raid on his village. In a rage he smashed in every one of the gangs heads. He took up the crown and recruited new members to help him run the Bloodmasons. He still hunts for the man who killed his family...


This is my first time doing this, gimme some pointer, advice, etc.
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Uskar Baresh
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