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 Illari Desai

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PostSubject: Illari Desai   Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:32 pm

(This character is Syntax's, saved from the old forums.)

Full Name: Illari Masika Desai
- Nicknames: Meena (her alias; only uses her real name around Nevarandi)
- Titles: Princess Illari Masika of House Desai, Regent Desai

Race: Human
- Gender: Female
- Religion: Nevarandi Pantheon, worships Nanpen
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Average magical talents in the circles of Abjuration and Spirit.
Age: 19
- Place of Birth: Maajiraja
Condition: Alive
Occupation and Affiliation: defunct regent of Maajiraja, defunct heir to the former Nevarand Empire. Wizard of average talent.
Known Relatives: The late Emperor Eliran Desai (father).

Appearance: Lightly-tanned, soft skin. High cheekbones, natural haughty expression typically found in many Nevarandi. Narrow, sinister-looking violet eyes. She is short and scrawny, and could pass for a tall boy if her face were disguised. Her long, dark brown hair is pulled up in a seemingly-obnoxious fashion for the noble high court, and is adorned in jewelry. Her face is ordained with ornate eye make-up and is adorned with light jewelry. She wears a royal white silk gown that shows off her unflattering, boyish physique. She carries herself proudly.

Equipment and Clothing: Gem-studded gold jewelry, royal tiara, small dagger, silk slippers, Desai signet ring, white silk sheath-gown, a small pouch partly full of coins.

Personality: Illari is proud, arrogant, stubborn, spoiled, and possesses the cruelty and stoicism that is characteristic of all Nevarandi. She is easily frustrated when faced with overwhelming odds, and can lose the stoic attitude that her royal bearing requires. Her upbringing by her enslaved caretaker has instilled new values in her: compassion, mercy, and serenity. She struggles day to day to overcome her cruelty with the teachings of her caretaker. Because of her history with Meena, she is more kindly to gnomes.

History: Illari Masika Desai was born to the proud Emperor Eliran Desai XIII of the Nevarand Empire. However, he did not trust any other cruel, potentially-traitorous Nevarandi to raise her while he was busy running the empire... he chose Meena - a rare gnome slave who was calm and obedient - to act as Illari's caretaker. Illari never knew her mother.

Illari was cruel and unforgiving of Meena. She enjoyed making Meena cry, usually by threatening to cut off her head or have her tortured by the guards if the gnome did not do as she asked. Meena was always ordered to look to the ground and bow her head in the company of the young princess, and was often ordered to sleep in the stables without food or water. The gnome was little more than an intelligent beast to her, a beast that could feel no true love, or sorrow.

Meena was always compassionate, patient, kind, and loyal to the princess despite her cruelty. She treated Illari as her own daughter, and one night she revealed what little she knew about her mother, the Empress.

In a sudden epiphany, Illari realized that Meena understood the love that the Empress had shown Illari. If Meena could understand a mother's love, then that meant... slaves could love.

Slaves could feel.

And Meena loved her. Meena was the closest thing she had to a mother, and the best she could do was treat her like a common dog. From then on, Meena taught her compassion, mercy, serenity, and love. Although Illari's cruelty never disappeared, she grew to love Meena over time.

At the age of 11, the Emperor discovered that Meena was "corrupting" his daughter with her teachings of "softness" and "weekness". He became enraged, and locked her away while he investigated the depth of the "damage" in Illari. From that point on, he had her raised and taught of magic by the court wizards.

At the age of 12, Illari reached puberty. She was brought before a tribunal of the court wizards, including the Emperor, to witness the blossoming of her magical talent. The wizards inspected the child, and found that Illari possessed no magical talent. By Nevarand law, she was to be put to death on the following morning, and the Emperor was powerless to stop this. Illari was taken to a dark, windowless cell in the palace, and locked within.

Just before the dawn, the Emperor arrived at his daughter's cell with the bloody and battered Meena. He had learned her secret: the gnome possessed magical ability, and had hidden this all her life. The punishment for this was death, but he would not allow his daughter to suffer the same fate. Using forbidden necromantic magic, he tore Meena's magical ability from her body and imbued it into Illari. Meena died immediately and Illari passed into a coma for months.

Illari spent the next few years under the guidance and tutelage of the court wizards, but she never forgot her beloved Meena.

Then, the empire fell...
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Illari Desai
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