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 Rickard "Flamebanner"

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PostSubject: Rickard "Flamebanner"   Wed Dec 23, 2009 7:17 pm

(This is Merrowing's character, rescued from the old forums)

Rickard 'Flamebanner' ((Last name unknown))




Job and Affiliation-
Travelling Cleric of Datorm

Equipment and Clothing-
Always wears bright red robe with hood, sandals and necklace with small steel triangle (symbol of fire).

Personality and History-

As far as Rickard can remember he was raised in small temple of Datorm in Stoneedge Hills, not knowing much about his past. Rumor says he was found in remains of pillaged and burned village as child later taken by Cleric of Datorm to temple. Since childhood he has been extremely religious to extent which stopped him from having social relations even with other priests.

Reaching age of twenty Rickard noticed how much his faith differs from others around and decided to travel, preaching anywhere he would come, and looking for other people with fire in their hearts. During his journeys he also learned fire elemental magic being fascinated by element of his god.

Succeeding in first and failing in latter by age of 24 he came once again to Stoneedge hills hoping to spread fire he carries in his heart, and find his future.

Physical Traits-
Tall with 1,90m height and not too skinny or fat which isnt visible because of robe which also hides his muscles,
he is bald but has short black beard and moustache.
Rickard also has light skin and eyes colour of bright flame.

Notable Skills-
Can write and read also knows simple Fire-based elemental magic, apart from cleric magic.

-Not sure if it doesnt go against rules/history of this world at some point (grateful for any tips)
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Rickard "Flamebanner"
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