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 Nenariri Noson

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PostSubject: Nenariri Noson   Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:30 am

Full Name: Nenariri Noson
- Nicknames: Riri

Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Religion: Druidism, Western Gaia
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Telepathically linked to Ouvban Noson, Skilled in unarmed combat and acrobatics.
Age: 22
- Place of Birth: Typhon
Condition: Alive
Occupation and Affiliation: Druid
Known Relatives: Ouvban Noson (Brother)

Long unkempt black hair, olive mediterranean toned skin, wiry frame, 6'2'' (1.87 metres), 149 lbs (67.5 kg), brown eyes, thin jaw, long facial features, oval facial structure, thin scar across nose (possibly self inflicted), scarred arms and chest, notable scar along shoulder blade

Equipment and Clothing:
White baggy pants and shirt,
Bandages along torso,
No shoes



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Nenariri Noson
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