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 Deja-vu (Roleplay)

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PostSubject: Deja-vu (Roleplay)   Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:08 pm


A strong, dry wind blows through the open windows. The soft sounds outside contrast with the dark echoes interior of the inn. Light falls from straight above, casting darkness in it's wake. She was washing dishes in preparation for the evening meal rush, and Gwyn was enjoying the day as always. Her hand reached out into the darkness until she felt cool glass; identifying it as a bowl. Lukewarm water soaked Gwyn's arms up to her elbows as she submersed the bowl. A sound--possibly broken glass--startled her, then she heard footsteps.


She paused for a split-second, this would be awkward. Most of the locals knew to say their names as they came in, so Gwyneth could recognise them.

"What would you like?"
"A glass of ale is fine."

Being blind did not stop Gwyn from being able to function, she ran her hand along the bar as she walked until it ended. Three steps forward; turn right; one step. Her hand brushed along the shelves at shoulder level until she came in contact with a bottle. Gwyn rose the bottle to her ear and shook it, about half full, more than enough for one glass. She carried it back to the bar. One step back; turn right; three steps forward. After finding a glass she had cleaned and filling it with ale, the problem arose. Where exactly was the man? Should she break etiquette and burden him with the knowledge of her disability? Then he would feel guilty.

"Is something wrong, ma'am?"

She had been taking too long to give the glass to him.

"I am quite sure you did not mean to put me in this position, but I cannot see. It makes things a bit hard when I can't put a location to your voice."

The man was silent for a moment, footsteps.

"Many apologies, if you just set the glass unto the table I can get it."

A clatter of coins in front of her. It seemed he had solved their problem. She set the glass down and took the coins, quickly counting them using the sizes and engraved images.

"Excuse me for asking, but your mother doesn't happen to be named Miriam, does she?"

Miriam was her adoptive mother... who was this?

"She isn't exactly my mother, but she cared for me most my life.

A shifting of clothes,

"If you could get your mother, I believe she may be amused to see me again. . . I'm Gabriel, I rescued you back then."

Confusion, sadness, happiness, a rush of undefinable emotions. Mother had spoken of the man that had dropped her off. Mother always said that the man had looked nothing like Gwyn does, and couldn't have been related in the least to her. Gwyn had never seen a person, for all she knew, looks could be unreliable. This man may be her father.

What to do...

---Perspective Shift---

A small grin forms on Gabriel's face.

"Go ahead and get Miriam, I'd like to see how she has been doing."

The girl nodded, and walked off into the back of the inn. A few moments and a finished ale later a short woman appeared with the girl following. Gabriel raised his hand and waved. The woman squinted at him.

"I apologise for my ageing mind, but I. . . can't seem to put a name to your face."
"No need to apologise, we only met once a while back. . ."

Gabriel unhooked a scroll from his belt. The parchment was quite old and it's edges were damaged, but the majority of the scroll was still intact. He stood from his stool at the bar, and walked close enough to Miriam to hand her the paper.

". . . I'm the soldier that brought that girl here after the Dragoncrest Epidemic. I had promised you that I would send you finances when I could, unfortunately it took quite a while longer than I thought. One-hundred thirty-five Dodiran gold pieces, I forgot all about sending these to you."

He nods, Miriam was already reading the scroll.

"If there's else anything you need, I'll be staying in town for the next couple days, good to see that girl was raised well."

He turns to leave, but hears Miriam speaking.

"Please, stay here, we have a few rooms open, and I'm sure Gwyneth would like to hear about her past."

He turns around, Miriam was holding out a key. Perhaps the others would stop complaining if he managed to get a room before sunset. He holds out his hand and Miriam gives him the key.

"Thank you."
"The room's upstairs, first door to the left."

Gabriel headed up the wooden staircase, he'd check out the room and then get the others.

-End Post-


Captain Adley Puradum leaned against the Inn's outside wall tapping his foot. He looked at the large menacing looking water Golem, "Ira" with some reserved anxiety. He knew it was safe, and was an ally, but it was just unatural to say the least. His two men stood off to a side, talking amongst themselves.

"What is taking him so bloody long?" Adley murmured to himself, apparently too loud.

"Probably flirting with a barmaid." Orin replied. A cheeky soldier, but reliable in combat. It was one of the reasons he had brought him along.

"Gabriel is smarter than that... I think" He thought the last part to himself. "I'm going to go in and check on him." he announced. "Orin, Rimah, stay here and watch that." He said, pointing a gloved finger at Ira.

He kicked off the wall and stepped up to the door, pushing it open. He walked into the bar, his boots thumping onto the wooden floor from the weight of his chainmail and plate. He longed to get a room and take the blasted armour from his body, to relax on a chair and prop up his feet after a nice ale... He shook his head. Adley looked to his left noting the Girl, The woman and Gabriel.

"Master Gabriel, I don't mean to rush you, but the men are getting impatient, they will need rest if they are to carry on" He said, trying to hide a wry grin that was creeping onto his face. He strode across the Inn to where the Woman and the girl were. He made a formal bow and stuck out his hand for the girl to shake. After an awkward pause he cleared his throat and offered his hand to the Woman. "Ehm, Captain Adley Puradum, nice to meet you both. I am longing for a good Ale, could I trouble you for one?" He asked, pulling some copper and a silver from his coin purse.


Another man--not Gabriel, but he knew Gabriel--had entered the inn. Gwyneth walked carefully to her left until she came to the bar, then ran her hand along it to guide her way to the bottle rack. She took the same bottle she had used earlier and walked back towards the bar to retrieve a glass. Cork popping, pouring liquid, fizzing alcohol. Gwyn carefully corked the bottle and slid the glass across the table. She took the coins from Adley and then returned to cleaning dishes.

---Perspective Shift---

Ira laid in her cup of water quietly. She didn't really care about speaking to the two soldiers, but she did like the idea of having some fun. She stretched out of her cup in a narrow stream of water until she reached three feet in height, then began to shape herself in a vaguely humanoid shape. Then, fell out of the cup and started to slink into the inn, pulling to cup with her.


Adley took the mug taking a sip and sighing with satisfaction.
"Thank you M'lady, much appreciated." He looked at to the staircase. "Now I best look for master Gabriel before he gets himself lost up there. I take my leave." He then bowed and went up the stairs.

"Master Gabriel?" He called, waiting for a response.


Adley was calling for him in the hall. Gabriel turned from the window and went to open the door. Leaning out the room, Gabriel saw that Adley--and Ira--was a few feet to his left. He stepped into the hallway and walked towards Adley.

"Just got a feel of the place, nice beds and drinkable ale. How are you two doing?"

He bent down and picked up Ira's cup, screwing a lid onto it and hooking it onto his belt. Ira protested for a few moment by sloshing in the cup and dripping onto the ground. She quickly reformed into her lanky humanoid figure to walk around the hall.

"I coincidently ran into someone I knew a few years back and forgot to tell you and your men I had found an inn..."

Splash! Ira seemed busy trying to 'walk' down the stairs--if one could call it that--using a vaguely humanoid shape, then slithering up the wall to the top of the stairs to repeat the process.


"We are doing alright, a bit tired. 'Should probably be gettin' some sleep. We in this one?" He said pointing to the room beside them. He walked inside and dropped his saddlebag on the wooden floor. "I'll go tell the men that their room is open." Adley left, and a while later he and the two soldiers thumped up the stairs and went to their respective rooms.

Adley sat on the edge of his bed, across from Gabriel's. He pulled off his boots and rubbed his feet for a while before taking off his armor and getting into the thin tavern cot. The night air and sounds of the city of Vesper drifted in through the window. Adley fell asleep easily breathing in the crisp night air and from the fatigue and lack of sleep from their travel. It would be this one nice night, or two if they were lucky, before it was back to sleeping under the trees and bushes beside the roads. The tents were too much to carry, and apparntly not worth the effort for their "short" trip. Had Adley known the distance, he would have packed much more, rations included. But Gabrial tended to not explain his intentions much, so Adley more or less followed blindly loyal to his superior.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Next Morning -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


Sun in his eyes. Gabrielus wiped the rheum from the corners of his eyes and got out of bed. He quietly put on his clothes and exited the room.
An hour passed.

Gabrielus came back into the room with heavy steps. He opened the door and placed a bundle of supplies on the floor. He looked around the room to see that Adley was partially awake. In a moderate voice he says,

"Adley, I've made a decision, we will be bringing a companion of mine for this trip."

He moved back into the hallway and continued,

"Get dressed while I wake the other soldiers."

He shut the door, turning back to Gwyneth, this time with a softer voice,

"You sure you want to come?"

Gwyneth looked up, her gaze positioned over his shoulder but focused as if it were on him.

"Yes... I.... want to get out of Vesper for once."

Gabriel nodded, he knew a bit more than her on the situation, but wasn't exactly sure when to tell her about it. He had found her after an elemental attack--not a goblinoid raid, fire, plague, or whatever Miriam used to explain it--and he has a suspicion that the only reason Gwyneth could be alive was if she herself had plane touched heritage, possibly not from her generation but if it was... that brought more questions.

Later, think about this later. Gabriel walked to the next door and knocked loudly, then said in a louder voice than he had used with Adley.

"Alright men! We're heading out!"


A few hours later the group was on the road to the town of Morroh, a few miles north east of Vesper. Not having mounts they were forced to walk the distance. The day was warm, and the sun broke through the few clouds in the sky. The hills on either side of the road were heavily forested, but the road stretched out beyond sight. Gabriel, Gwenyth and Adley walked in front, with Adley's men in the back, talking idly.

"So, after we hit Morroh we are passing through Dragon's Gap into Erema?" Adley asked, trying to figure out where Gabriel was leading them.
"You know we'll be stopped at the first outpost or town. Travelers coming from Dodira are having a harder and harder time passing into Erema of late..."


"You know we'll be stopped at the first outpost or town. Travelers coming from Dodira are having a harder and harder time passing into Erema of late..."

Gabrielus shrugged, busy staring at the bustling town ahead. He walks for about a minute longer before realising he had been addressed.
"I s'pose I could've told you, keep you from worrying and all. A noble friend in Erema actually requested my presence there... bit of a long story but I'm probably going to be tolerated there."
He continued to walk, now studying the shoddy houses on either side of the road. Gabrielus seemed to know what he was looking for, probably.

The townsfolk were all either travellers or miners, there wasn't a lot of money to be made out here after all. Lots of loud conversation could be heard for so few people. Rumours here, small talk there, something about a harpy bounty hunter. Something in particular picked up Gabriel's attention.
"...don't lie now..."
"...not lying, this is golden ore..."
"'s best not to be a Naruven, tell the truth..."
Gabriel couldn't exactly remember who Naruven was. He was sure he had read of her in a history book, or maybe it was a novel--elven literature? He dropped that tangent of thought, he had found the house he was looking for.

He walked in, lots of yelling could be heard from outside.


Gwyneth was growing anxious, they hadn't yelled for a few minutes. She wasn't exactly sure why they would be yelling, Gabriel had just been dropping something off as a noble duty... correct?

The swirl of sounds around her were becoming easier to filter out. The cool air felt good against her skin. It felt different than the surrounding desert. Odd, it must have to do with the elevation and placement of mountains--possibly a spring of cold water as well. Come to think of it, not odd at all, if such an anomaly existed in an extreme climate, it would be an ideal spot for a small settlement. Gwyn pondered this, she had never thought much of history, mostly due to he inability to read. Her knowledge came from stories of the past and information for the present. When she had tended the tavern, she knew of a university near by, learned men would come across the street for ale and a quiet place to think. They would discuss a range of subjects, and Gwyn was inclined to learn what she could. Some of the regulars even allowed her to listen in on their lectures. Herbalism had been a personal favourite of hers...

The door had made a sound.


Gabriel returned from the house, a bundle of books in each hand. Some of them over 6 inches thick. He also seemed to be missing a pouch hanging off of his pack, possibly whatever documents he had to drop off. Gabriel nodded.
"This marks the end of my need for military assistance. You all have performed your duties, but it is wise that you directed your talents where they are needed now."
He pauses and stares at Adley.
"You may leave now and be on your way, or continue on with me until we pass through the capitol, from there on I will be heading into Erema. None of you need to be there. ... So, yes. Go along, or not."

A silent voice echoes through Gabriel's mind.
"You truly plan to make the pact... then?"

Gabriel ignores it. He motions for Gwyneth and Ira to follow, then heads westward out of town. Not looking back for Adley or the other soldiers.

"They wouldn't... support you... anyway."


Adley raises his eyebrows at the man as he turns and walks away. He motions for the men to follow him as he strides to catch up with Gabriel.

"We won't be bloody left behind now,..." He pauses and then adds: "Master. Now, we're headed into Erema and no matter if you've got friends in high places, that wont stop a cutpurse or a highwayman stopping a man and woman like yourselves on the way." He nods grimly, satisfied, then adds with a smile, "Also, I've not been to Trinsik in a good few years, I would love to put my legs up in a nice Inn again..." He raises his eyebrows and waits for Gabriel's response.


Gabriel shrugged,
"Suit yourselves, I'm not getting my rank denounced because I didn't warn a couple idiot soldiers about the limits of their duties."


Gabriel spotted a wooded area ahead and quickly pointed it out. He whispered just loud enough to be heard,
"Hobgoblin spot, possibly, there are some rather large holes near that tree... Keep your eyes open."
He reached for his war hammer and brought it out in front of him defensively, then approached the thicket slowly.

Noises, snapping branches, it wasn't a hobgoblin after all... something bigger.


The sounds of footsteps came from the bush. Running footsteps. It was obvious, someone was running. But from what? Bursting through the bushes, Devon spun around widely. He stood in the middle of the path, bloody sword in both hands. His black coat hung over his shoulders, clovering the rest of his clothes. Though his hair was in disarry, his bright blue eyes still made some woman stare a little longer then they intended.

A few seconds passed, and Devon relaxed slightly, just as the giant burst through the bushes. Devon snarled, "I thought you gave up already" Flowing forward with a rigid grace, Devon swung his sword upward, slashing open the giant's hand. It was already missing three fingers, but Devon wanted to finish the job. Spinning around the giant, he plunged his sword deep into the giants back, causing it to fall over. He yanked his sword free, and climbed onto it's back, hitting it atop the head with his hilt and knocking it out.

"Whew," Devon sat down on the back of the giant, wiping sweat from his brow, and only then noticed the travlers on the road.
Putting on a smile, Devon stood up, bowed and said "Good day to you, sorry for my... Uh... Distraction" Holding out his hand, he kept the smile on his face, "My name's Devon"


Adley let go of his sword hilt upon seeing the giant motionless. He looked the man up and down before extending his hand to shake. Warily, but confidently.

"Captain Adley Puradum, Dodiran Military. That was quite the display there ...Devon, Care to explain what you were doing being chased by a Giant in the farmlands of Eastern Erema?"


Slowly, Gabriel lowered his weapon, and his attention was redirected towards the newcomer--Devon. His attitude wasn't exactly welcoming, he studied Devon for a handful of seconds. The man was obviously poor, perhaps a thief. It would probably be best if Gabriel left and continued on his way. That's what will happen.
"Excuse me b-"
Gwyn had grabbed his arm and interrupted him.
"Pleasure to meet you, I am Gwyneth Almorhart, and this is Gabrielus M. Damyarason. He is Dodiran, similar to Sir Adley."
It was as if Gwyneth knew what Gabriel would say. Gabriel should have guessed something like this would reveal itself, it was only natural. Gabriel resigned and allowed Gwyn to lead the conversation.


Devon shook the Captain's hand firmly, keeping the smile on his face. "Nice to meet you, Captain." He looked back towards the giant, and shrugged. "Some would say I was trying to steal from him, others would say I was trying to make a deal with him. Whatever the case, he didn't take well to me." Smirking, Devon turned his head back around, and looked at the girl that had spoken. He remembered her from somewhere... A tavern, maybe? Shaking his head, he looked at her and considered everyone standing before him. Gabrielus stood with an air... like he was expecting people to follow him or something. That's why he would have named him the "leader" of this band. But the way the girl had spoken out...

Still smirking, Devon offered his hand to both the Gwyneth and Gabrielus. "I am glad to have met you all. By the way... I was wondering, do you have any work that I could do for you gentleman? And we can't forget you, my lady." He put on his best performance, the way he always did when looking for work. Most couldn't remember that a few moments before he had treated them like equals, had treated them almost passively. This is how he got all his money, performance, work. Rinse, repeat. Maybe it would be the same for these people.


Unfortunately, Gabriel had wished to send this Devon character on his way, but Gwyn had stopped him from saying anything. It wasn't that he couldn't just stop her,--he believed he could--for a moment he didn't want to stop her. Perhaps it was her powers as he thought, but he didn't believe they were this strong, it was more likely that book.

The clouds had grown in the north; heavy, dark, and low clouds. Gabriel thought they probably had an hour before the storm. He pointed it out to Adley and resumed walking along the road. Gwyneth paused for a moment and laughed awkwardly, "We don't want to be stuck in the rain, come along if you wish." then ran to catch up with Gabriel.


Adley noted the storm and nodded to Gabriel. He scanned the treeline for any other signs of life and turned to go. He stopped and looked at Devon.

"I can't say we have any needs for another sword right now, but if you come with us into Erema, we may, by chance or misfortune, eventually have the need for a mercenary, and the means to pay him, of course."

He nodded to him and followed Gabriel. Orin and Rimah followed behind him, passing a flask of something between them. Rimah made sure to step around the Giant laying on the path. He watched it as if he thought it would rise up again and crush him.


To Gabriel's left the trees broke way for a vast field. He was looking for suitable shelter. Dragon's Gap was only a league away, and while they may be able to make it before it rained he would prefer if they stayed away from people. A ruined tower--abandoned by the looks of it--sat in the middle of the field; he pointed towards it. "Let's rest there and wait for the storm to pass." He broke away from the dirt road and walked towards the stone arch at the base of the tower. Inside was a small round room with a broken table and one door, Gabriel sat down across from the door and took of his pack and weapon. When everyone was settled in Gabriel looked them over.
"Well, we discussed this before but I suppose I should go over it in more detail... and for Derri- err... Devon." He took a deep breath, "We are investigating a phenomenon in Dragon's Gap, both Dodiran and Ereman soldiers have been sent to investigate the anomaly to no avail... err, it's a demonic presence of sorts, like that squirrel we killed yesterday. A corruption, it-" a growl upstairs "-seems to cause aggression in some animals, mass panic in people, plants... err... what did the corruption do to plants? H-" a fierce snarl followed by multiple barks. Gabriel got up and walked towards the door.

(Good time to introduce that dog peskwee, it's fighting a corrupted rat or whatever)
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PostSubject: Re: Deja-vu (Roleplay)   Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:32 pm

Adley gently motioned Gabriel to stand aside as he placed two hands on his sword hilt and kicked the door in. A dog in the corner of the room spun around with something limp in its mouth. It growled at Adley, until he took an authoritative step into the room and snapped: "Git!"

The dog dropped whatever it was onto the ground and bolted out the door and out of the tower, into the woods. Because of the lighting, Adley couldn't quite make out what it was until he came closer, yet still it looked like nothing he had seen before. The 'rat' if he could call it that, was mangled beyond belief, and not just from the jaws of the dog. But it was twisted in an unnatural and supernatural way. Adley recoiled back and grimaced at it.

"Master Gabriel, you may want to look at this..." He says stepping aside and glaring at the 'rat' on the floor.
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Deja-vu (Roleplay)
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