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 SUGGEST! Legendary Objects

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PostSubject: SUGGEST! Legendary Objects   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:37 pm

(Previously Suggested)


Blutweal is a wand made from a crooked length of char-blackened wood. Blutweal is a magical tool of torture that bypasses armor to injure victims. The wand can be directed to cause small lacerations and damage to the body. It may also be used to shatter bones, burst skin, and mangle the body, but the wand exacts a price for its use...

That price is in blood. It slowly and constantly drains minute amounts of blood from its user for working its magic. If its user is untrained, has an undisciplined mind, or is not calm, then Blutweal will drain larger amounts of blood for its use. Its thirst for blood is insatiable.

Blutweal whispers to the mind in an attempt to manipulate the user into losing control.

The creator of this artifact is unknown.


Black Chrism

Black Chrism is a thick, ink-like fluid. Black Chrism is extremely rare and can be found only in a handful of chantries across the land. Its possession is forbidden in many countries. In countries where it is not forbidden by law, there are guilds, townships, and provinces that forbid it. Some guild wizards actively seek out the material to destroy it.

The mysterious chrism is linked to demonic worlds and is used to draw baneful sigils upon a living body. If done correctly, the sigils shunt the specified demon into the body of the marked victim to consume the existing soul and permanently inhabit the body. The liquid is dangerous because it can do this without requiring sacrifices, spellwork, or ritual. Anyone untrained in the magical arts can use this; the chrism does the work. However, the user will need to know the correct sigils to use to make it work. If a body has been improperly painted with the sigils, the demon can escape and will often kill the user.

The chrism was originally designed to allow the initiates of wizards to perform demonic work successfully.


Vespra's Earrings

These earrings are simple brass hooks adorned with fangs from various animals. When worn, the wearer may understand the language of beasts, birds, and creatures of the sea. The wearer may also communicate back to these creatures. The earrings were created by Vespra Earthwhisper, who had lost the earrings many decades ago.


Moonstone Periapt

A small blue and pink incandescent moonstone in the shape of a crescent. When placed upon the forehead of a sleeping person of any race, the owner can see into the sleeper's dreams.


SYNTAX_ERROR cross-rapes multiple gaming systems and creates:

SYNTAX_ERROR'S Wand of Summon Roleplayers

This wand looks strangely like a 12-inch, flat strip of wood that nuns use in religious schools to smack the tar out of disobedient / sleeping students. When waved, it summons 1d6 PC's from the following summon list. The PC's immediately join the encounters and have no summoning sickness. If the summoned PC's take no actions in the encounters this round, they each suffer 4d12 damage, with an additional 1d12 damage per round if no action is taken in the following encounters. There is no save against the effects of the wand. The wand cannot be countered by any kind of counter spell, time travel gimmick, unsummon cannot negate these effects, and Holy Day will not remove the effects of this wand.

The effects of this wand may only be countered by acting in the Roleplay! encounters.


Siopi Crystal Daggers

Tiny daggers that are smaller than a hand, the blades are made from a deep red, shining crystal. Their crafting is of divine origin. There are very few of them in existence, and most belong to the Church of Avelnius. When plunged into the heart of a magic-user, it rapidly drains their life and magical energy. These energies are under the control of the wielder. However, the followers are taught to set the used dagger upon an altar in one of the chapels of Avelnius... the dagger sends the energy to the god of that specific altar as a sacrifice. Once depleted, the dagger may be used again.

These daggers are commonly used to execute mages. However, the dagger may also be used against practitioners of divine magic, and the sacrificial energy may be dedicated to any god.


Isikhos Chains

Slender, copper chains that may be draped over magic-users to suppress their magic. The chains have no effect on someone who does not have the gift of magic. Against those who do have the gift, it clouds the mind, feels like an incredible burden upon the body, limits the five senses, and severs the victim's connection to magic as long as they wear the chains. If the victim attempt to remove the chains, the victim is badly burned and scarred. These chains are all owned by the Church of Avelnius.

The victims are made to wear the chains loosely. If the chains are wound or closed around the victim, the victim will be sent into a coma.


Pillars of Ka-Volar

These "pillars" hover and rotate slowly over the bay at Kherjoodah, just off of the coast, and float high above the water.

They are obsidian obelisks that are 700 ft. tall. The surfaces of these obelisks are covered in tiny inscriptions of softly glowing names. When a Nevarandi dies, that person's name appears etched upon a rough, name-worn surface of one of the obelisks. Names of non-magic Nevarandi do not appear on any of the obelisks.

The collective light from the names help act as a kind of lighthouse for ships, and as a beacon for travelers over land. The light of the obelisks is not blinding, but dimly lights much of the city.

Not much is known about the Obelisks. Many of their records have been destroyed for unknown reasons, but a few scholars know that the Obelisks contain the names of the first citizens from the time of Emperor Solidh Nevarand I.

Their true purpose is unknown. Some speculate that the names appear there at the will of Amosat; some believe that the names contain the souls of the respective persons who had passed on.

Before the fall, wizards have attempted to study them, but the pillars are tightly bound by well-designed wards and enchantments that have lasted for millennia. Attempts at manipulation and scrying are met with solid resistance.
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SUGGEST! Legendary Objects
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