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 Suggest! People

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PostSubject: Suggest! People   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:33 pm

This is here to suggest interesting people for our roleplaying setting, these will be people you will not roleplay. (For people you want to roleplay, see the Character Sheets board)

Please SUGGEST! using this form.

Name: First, Last, Titles
Status: Alive/Dead/Missing
Information: Why this person should be noteworthy, ideally should have a story about what made him/her/it famous, and perhaps a rough estimation of what he/she/it looks like, or where they might be.

Name: Barack, Obama, President of the United States of America
Status: Alive
Information: This man was the first African American president, he ran as the Democratic nominee against Republican John McCain in the 2008 election. He is a dark skinned human, has short hair, lacks facial hair, and is fairly thin. Rumours say he may currently be in Washington, D.C.

(Previous SYNTAX Suggestions)
Name: Khasod, Slavemaster
Status: Alive
Information: Khasod is a heavy-set, Nevarandi man with a short, rough beard, scars on his back, and a missing eye. He is uneducated, but cunning. He served a noble in Heru-Arpakh and kept the slaves in harsh order. Khasod went beyond the call of his duty, and often took his boredom or anger out on the slaves. He lashed them at the slightest infraction, which included being in his way, being too slow (in his mind), not keeping their eyes on the ground, or because bashing their heads into a wall and sending them into convulsions was highly entertaining to him. He cost his master a few slaves which eventually earned him lashings. Slaves cost money, and his master was not fond of the consequences from Khasod's barbarous acts.

Upon the downfall of the Nevarand Empire, Khasod started a gang of raiders, captured his master, and sold the man into slavery into a far-off land. Khasod leads his raiders across the desert, capturing escaped slaves, lone Nevarandi, and lone foreigners. He robs them and sells the hapless victims into slavery.

Khasod mostly roams the northwestern region of the wasteland, but was once seen as far south as Masa.

Khasod is not very brave. If he finds that other raiders or Nevarandi are in battle with foreign soldiers, he waits until the victor emerges. He then descends with his forces to slaughter, enslave, and loot. He would not dare take a fight against a platoon of trained soldiers with his raiders, even if he outnumbered them.

He is currently following a rumor about a secret town called "Scrap Haven", where slaves supposedly band together to survive. He dreams about finding the town, overpowering the slaves, selling them, and then living like a king for the rest of his life.

Not that he'd split the profit with the rest of his band. As long as they don't know, no harm done!


Name: Veltra the Diabolist
Status: Alive (undead)
Information: Female vampire, 137 years old. Looks to be in her early 20's with long, blonde hair and red eyes. She is very alluring, and wears the outfit of a courtesan she had slain.
Veltra is a sadistic, gleeful practitioner of demonic magic. In mortal life she was cruel and spoiled. She amused herself by taunting and tormenting others. In unlife, she is an undisciplined, untrained, self-taught hedge wizard. She captures mortals to perform terrifying experiments upon them. She enjoys letting her prisoners loose so that she can hunt them for sport. She uses a tiny jar of Black Chrism to create demonic servitors, but the servitors are simple, as her sigil-work is crude.
Equipment: Blutweal, Black Chrism, small scythe, dagger, fine cutting knife.
Known Locations: Roams Nightlands and far eastern Coursh.


Name: Marin Kinslayer
Status: Alive (undead)
Information: female vampire, 84 years old. Looks to be in her mid-40s with long, thin red hair and pale blue eyes. She is not curvy or very attractive but appears athletic. She wears a gray cloak to help her blend into stone. She wears a black mask over her mouth to hide her fangs, and light leather armor.
Marin was a successful bounty hunter for 20 years. When her village was sacked by bandits, she vowed to claim revenge from the law-breakers and scum of society. She worked alone to bring criminals to justice (by arrest or death), trained many bounty hunters, and helped townships to improve their defenses against bandits, monsters, and criminals. She lives in the wilderness and has gained some mastery over nature.
When she was embraced as a vampire, she slew her sire. She still hunts mortal criminals, but she also hunts other vampires. She views vampires as a threat against the mortal world, and she even views herself as an abomination against life.
Marin is stealthy in the wilderness. She is ruthless against evil, but she is helpful (if curt) to the innocent in need. She is a viscous fighter who is interested only in getting the job done; she cares little for knightly ritual, dramatic preamble, or honorable dueling. She will only kill and be done with the villainy of others.
Marin is a skilled archer and an expert with the axe. She has a wide knowledge of nature, beasts, monsters, bandits, and criminal fugitives.
Equipment: Heavy Yew Crossbow strapped across her back. Black leather quiver filled with steel bolts, and 10 silver bolts. Brown leather armor, stone-gray cloak, black face mask covering only her lower jaw. Steel dagger and a large steel one-handed axe.
Known Locations: Roams from land to land, but was recently seen in Erema.


Name: Vespra Earthwhisper
Status: Alive
Information: 96 year old gnome female with long gray hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. She stands just shy of 3 feet in height. Her skin is tanned and wrinkled, and she wears a simple white robe and hooded cloak. She wears an impassive expression at all times.

Vespra was born to a traveling merchant family in Lathellas. She lived a difficult but humbling life, working with her family and traveling constantly. The open road, shining stars and whispering trees became her home, and nature became her friend. Her family was encouraged her natural talents in magic, and hired a teacher to travel with them and educate Vespra in magic. When she reached adulthood, she left her family and mentor to live in the wilderness.

Vespra spent many years alone but was at peace. She never destroyed any part of nature for her own gain and always left animals in peace. She was carefully watched by a local circle of druids during that time. After years had passed, they finally approached her, and invited her into their circle as a novice. They taught her the magic of the wilds, some of the secrets of the druids, the knowledge of herbal medicine, the ways of the beasts, and much lore. She has worked with them for decades in service of nature.

Vespra treats all druids as a part of her family. She is very calm, logical, and decisive. Though she is ethical and kindly, she cares little for what happens in civilization.

Equipment: Vespra's Earrings (lost), Moonstone Periapt (lost), hand-held scythe, pouches of herbs, stones, and bones.

Known Locations: Wanders throughout western Thesilliar.


Name: Gidgett
Status: Alive
Information: Gidgett is a middle-aged gnome who retired from a life of adventuring and treasure hunting. He took up the life of a trader, dealing in objects of antiquity and strangeness he had encountered in his life (and that others encounter in theirs). He is from Typhon, but has traveled throughout Thesilliar. Though he is an adventurer at heart, he feels he is too old for that lifestyle. Gidgett has served in a pirate crew, worked as a spy, fought with mercenaries, helped guilds explore and catalog ancient ruins, defeated cults, and even evaded the troops of angry nobles after nightly excursions with their daughters. Gidgett's vardo is hauled by a young mule. He keeps all of his goods in this wagon, and sleeps on top at night (or under, when it rains).


Name: The Rotting Man
Status: Alive (undead)
Information: The Rotting Man appears as a festering corpse spilling vermin and ooze from open wounds. He is garbed in tattered clothing, and his eyes are rheumy white. He is tall and very thin, vaguely elven in build.
Nothing is know of the Rotting Man's history; all that is known is the occasional terror he stirs up in Coursh. He is completely tainted with necromantic energy. With a touch, he can raise the dead as zombies. He may also taint the living, and turn them into zombies by nightfall.
The Rotting Man is fast and dexterous, but he is insane and speaks unintelligible elven. He has enough intelligent capacity left to use doors, ladders, climb over obstacles, etc. but he cannot solve problems. He will flee if he is injured, captured, or if his zombie escort is destroyed. Beyond that, he is utterly mindless. Mages who have tried to read his mind say that it slips through their hands, like worms writhing from the palm.


Name: Emperor Nanhkatnamen Zarin V, The Lich King, Master of Storms
Status: "Alive" (Undead)
Information: Nanhkatnamen Zarin V hails from Nevarand's second dynasty in power (out of 13 total dynasties). In life, he was a magical savant. He had a natural talent for weather magic and revolutionized the way said magic done before he even ascended the throne at the age of 16. Throughout his long 73 years of rule, the Empire benefited from his magic and leadership. He brought rain without floods, sunlight without burning, warm desert nights, and ceased all sandstorms against his people and travelers. Crops were overgrown with abundance, rivers and lakes swelled, and the people never had want of water. He taught many of the ways of weather. He taught of weather that Nevarand had never seen, such as hurricanes, blizzards, acid rain, and much more. All of these storms were at his beck and call, and the people feared and loved him for it.

At the age of 89, he vanished. He was presumed dead by the Empire, but in reality, he harnessed the power of eternal life by becoming a lich, and lived in hiding. He researched the mysteries that were still not understood by the peers of his time and captured forbidden magic. He watched his empire grow and change through the millennia.

In life he was a quiet, mild-mannered man, and this personality carried over into undeath. He speaks softly and puts on a false air of humility and serenity to lead his victims into a false sense of security. He is calm, methodical, extremely genteel, pitiless, and power-hungry. He is very focused and highly educated, yet curious of anything unusual he learns about. He is slow to anger.

At the fall of the Empire, the Lich King left hiding and took control of the city of Kherjoodah. He meditates in the circle within the Pillars of Ka-Volar. The purpose of the obsidian obelisks had been lost over time, but he knows very well of the power the Pillars contain, and seeks to tap into this power.

In addition to studying the Pillars, he creates sand golems, rock golems, iron golems, and raises the dead to patrol Kherjoodah, and sometimes sends them into the desert on tasks. The Lich King is loathe to leave his space between the Pillars unless engaged in battle with a difficult opponent (such as an army), or if he finds that the secret to the Pillars lay outside of the city. He is concerned for the fall of the Empire, and seeks to resurrect it to its former glory - under his control, of course.

The Lich King stands 5'11 and appears as a dry, mummified corpse (sans wrappings) with shrivelled brown skin. His lips have stretched back with age and decay to reveal yellowed, rotten teeth in an unnerving smile (although he typically doesn't smile, he just looks that way). A few patches of mangled hair remain on his head. He has deep, dark eye sockets and no eyes... only tiny points of white light that stare out. He is extremely thin, and the structure of his skeleton can easily be seen under his dusky skin. His bony fingers end with long, jagged fingernails. He wears a white and gold silk half-cloak, and an elegant long white robe from his reign as Emperor. He travels everywhere barefoot. Anyone can smell ozone within 10 feet of him. His aura causes non-mages to become itchy. Those possessing the gift of magic (or learned it) can feel intense pressure radiating off of him, and can feel crackling energy ripple across their bodies.

Languages: Satiq (archaic Nevarandi), High Nevarandi, Taui (archaic Sandspeech), Modern Sandspeech, Sandarian. RP note: He always speaks in Satiq to foreigners. He refuses to "descend" to a more understandable language for those "beneath" the Nevarandi.

Equipment: Sceptre of Huaris (must possess magic talent. Focuses the user's willpower and amplifies Planar, Enchantment, and Conjuration magic only for weather, i.e. conjuring a storm, enlarging a tornado, channeling powerful chain lightning, etc.); Phylactery (unknown location, the Lich King never has it with him); Magically-preserved yellow ribbon (non-magical keepsake from a childhood friend); Magically-preserved spell tome written in Satiq and unknown arcane languages (the cover has been engulfed in runes, and the tome will attack any who try to read it, except for the Lich King); Tattered Imperial robes from the Zarin dynasty; rare magical components in belt pouches; Soulseeker Circlet, allows the wearer to accurately scry.

Circles of Magic: Planar - Masterful (Water and Air the strongest, used in combination for weather), Conjuration - Powerful, Abjuration - Powerful, Spirit - Powerful, other circles - Above Average.

Other talents: He is a skilled artificer and golem crafter.


Name: Meirdra the Unraveler

Status: Alive (undead); location unknown.

Information: Meirdra was a talented mage, hailing from Baprull. She traveled throughout Baprull and Coursh, studying with sages, training novices and martial wizards in the arts of magic, keeping peace, and fighting against the horrors of the Nightlands. However, her ultimate goal was seeking the meaning of true evil. She theorized that true evil does not come from murder, theft, war, or hatred; true evil comes deep from within the hearts and minds of men and women. If the evil of the world should be stopped, then she would find the answers from within the evil that she fought. Meirdra tested and dived into the minds of murderers, necromancers, and many people whose hearts were bound by hatred. Over time, her drive for answers and her arrogance in finding the truth made her disregard proper protection, ethics, and compassion. She distrusted the common man more and more as each day passed, and began to resent all others.

Her quest led her to a confrontation with a mad priest who followed an ancient god. She successfully captured him and tortured him, and using her magic, she touched his mind to search for answers.

The priest's god sensed her presence. He reached through the priest, and touched her mind. For too long she had looked into the abyss, and finally, the abyss looked back.
The god broke her mind and cursed her body with unlife. He showed her the evil that had grown so strong in her heart, evil that she turned blind eyes upon her entire life. She was filled with sorrow at this realization, and abandoned everything her former life held.

Meirdra is a human lich who became undead at the age of 37. She is currently 240 years old. She is a master of mind magic and is incurably insane. She creates experiments that seem to make no rational sense or have no discernible purpose. She stands at a towering 6 feet, 4 inches tall. She has long, ratty black hair and dry, grayish skin (where skin is left). Her cloudy eyes have gone gray, though her vision is normal. The upper half of her face appears well-preserved and stately... except below her nose, the lower half of her face has rotted to the bone. Random patches of her body has rotted. She wears a simple black robe and a shimmering, deep blue cloak.

Meirdra is quiet, yet unpredictable. Every passerby she captures or encounters are immediately at risk of great danger; she may kill or torture others for "inappropriately wearing a color". She may force her victims to share tea with her. She may completely ignore any persons she meets. She often stares off into space and seems to ignore whatever is happening around her. She is slow to frustrate, and when angered she screams incomprehensibly.

Meirdra stares and speaks quietly. She never blinks, and never gazes away from the eyes of anyone she meets (unless if she must). She is mostly expressionless but she sometimes smiles. She never refers to anyone by name, not even herself. She refers to others as "sapling" and to herself as "the lady". She may understand several languages, but she always speaks in Songspeak.

Languages: Westdorf, Underspeak, Songspeak, Grok.

Circles of Magic: Meirdra is a master of the Spirit and Planar circles in regards to the mind. In the circles of Enchantment and Universal magic she is powerful; in all other circles (except divine), she is above average.

Other Talents: Meirdra is a master artificer.

Additional Notes: Those who attempt to touch Meirdra's mind run a very high risk of gaining 1 random insanity. Those who remain coherent have said her mind is filled with laughter.

A Handful of Her Spells
Shadow of the Mind - Meirdra reaches deep into the psyche of her victim and creates a copy of the victim's shadow self, which is a collective facet of the conscious and subconscious mind. The shadow self represents all of the darkness, loathing, evil, anger, and negativity of that person. The shadow self is a corporeal, physical clone of the victim. It has all of the victim's cunning, memories, wisdom, and knowledge. However, it is limited: it cannot use magic (except through enchanted items or artifacts), it has no soul, it has none of the victim's strengths or weaknesses, and it cannot learn anything new. The shadow self has its own strengths and weaknesses (a shadow with strong anger is quick to react, and may likely be irrational; a shadow with strong loathing is narrow-minded in its pursuits and may disregard its own safety). The shadow copy uses every last bit of manipulation in its power to destroy the victim. When Meirdra evokes the shadow self, it does not remove the victim's darkness; the victim must fight or flee the relentless shadow copy, and often fight his or her own inner demons as well. Destruction of the shadow copy does nothing to the mind of the victim. The shadow copy knows all of the victim's strengths and weaknesses.
Gaze of Madness - Meirdra can cause anyone to become insane within her line of sight. This can be reversed with magic.
Spectres of the Mind - She reaches into the mind of her victim and twists their perception of others. For each person that victim sees, the person is permanently perceived as someone from the victim's memory. For example, the victim sees a guard, but in the victim's mind, that guard forever appears as his dearly departed wife. This spell makes it difficult for the victim to interact correctly with the world.
Smite the Mind - This spell affects its victim immediately. It completely wipes the victim's conscious and subconscious mind of all memories, abilities, skills, speech, and learned cognitive abilities. The victim only retains bodily functions. This spell is irreversible except for divine intervention.
Thought Grasp - Meirdra can steal the knowledge and wisdom of her victim, but not their abilities.
Psychic Trade - Meirdra can switch the complete minds of several subjects, but not their abilities. A farmer whose mind is swapped with a wizard's will not be able to control the abilities, and the wizard will have the learning and discipline of his craft, but none of the power (unless if the farmer were also a mage).
Enslave - Meirdra can completely control her victim's mind and actions. The victim is powerless to resist her will.
Grip of Torment - This spell seizes the nerves of the victim and plunges them into unimaginable pain. The body is not harmed, but the mind can be shut down by unbearable torment. Meirdra can control how much pain she causes.

This is a simple selection of spells Meirdra can perform. She is capable of much more.


Name: Siraasa
Status: Alive
Information: Siraasa is a tired djinn who wanders from ruin to ruin in the Sandaria Wastes. The ruins he dwells in are the old homes of the djinni lords from ancient times. He knows nothing of their history, but takes solace in the formers homes of his ancestors. He seeks knowledge of his peoples' history, but will not enter any settlement for fear of being enslaved. Siraasa is cautious of those he does not know, but he is not unfriendly. He is angered by those who pillage the ruins of the djinn, and rewards travelers who bring him djinn lore, artifacts, objects, art, etc.

Siraasa stands at seven feet in height. He is clothed in a light, silver wrap crafted from moonlight. His body appears as translucent sunlight. He has long, ornamented golden hair and bright violet eyes. His body fades to transparency towards his feet, and when he moves he appears to glide over the ground. He usually wears a bemused expression upon his face.

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PostSubject: Re: Suggest! People   Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:55 am

Name: Salan-Ur
Status: Alive
Information: Salan-Ur is one of several nagas dwelling in the Nevarandi Wasteland. She is also the most well-known of her sisters, as she had taken to destroying small towns and ambushing travelers. She is spiteful, greedy,.and egotistical... she does not practice the same caution that her sisters do, and frequently leaves hiding to rob mages, sack towns, eat people, and wreak havoc. She considers non-humans to be a delicacy, as they were slaves during the Empire's reign, and rarely left well-defended cities.

Salan-Ur travels by night or day by slithering for miles over sand, or by swimming in the River of the Serpent King (she relishes the name). She uses magic to disable her victims before robbing, and then eating them.

Salan-Ur is 40 ft. long. Her scaly body is a dusty light brown color with dark brown stripes and "eyes". Her face is darkly tanned and leathery. She has long, black hair, narrow yellow eyes, and long fangs.

Circles of magic: Planar (average), Enchantment (average) .
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Suggest! People
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