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 The Beasts of Thesilliar

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PostSubject: The Beasts of Thesilliar   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:27 pm

((And it's here! Kind of.))

This will probably be broken into two parts, animals that exist in the real world that I want to have in Thesilliar, and animals I/the team made up to inhabit Thesilliar.

-Ostard- Somewhat large flightless bird/reptile used as a source of food and a mount, omnivore. Lives in Eastern Thesilliar. (Anything East of Trinsik about.)
-Urstruk- Extremely large (60 ft) elephant/mammoth/ultralisk-like creature, only natural predators are dragons, herbivore. Lives in the Sandaria Wastes and Coursh.
-Shield-back Turtle- Carnivorous, lives mainly around Erema and Valune, extremely fast swimmer that hunts in rivers and in river deltas. Reaches and average of 2ft.


Most European animals exist in Thesilliar, as do some African and Asian animals. If I don't mention it here assume it is allowed until otherwise stated.

Don't Exist/I Don't Want To See In Thesilliar-
Toy Breeds of Dogs
South American primates
African primates
Asian primates
Anything from Australia or Indonesia

Asian primates show up in some of the Western Islands, and African primates may show up in Neverandi (Needs confirmation by Syntax)

Native Animals
Animals that are not native to Europe would probably need to be imported to Thesilliar, an Elephant wouldn't just be walking around in Erema.
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The Beasts of Thesilliar
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