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 The Seven Circles of Spells

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PostSubject: The Seven Circles of Spells   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:24 pm

Invocation Circle (Includes Elemental Circle)
    Active spells, includes elemental spells such as Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and other minor ones. Mostly combat spells, but can have other uses. (IE Fireball, Drench, Magic Missile)

Divine Circle
    This circle can overlap with other circles fairly easily. A spell is considered divine if it is channelled by a greater being through the caster. A handful of healing spells are only possible to cast by studied Divine Magi. (IE Resurrection, Raise Dead)

Conjuration Circle
    Creating objects or animals. Part of a teleportation spell is Conjuration (The other is Abjuration). (IE Create Sword, Summon Wolf)

Abjuration Circle
    Banishing objects or animals. Curing ailments and sicknesses. Healing. Part of a teleportation spell is Abjuration (The other is Conjuration). (IE Banish, Remove Poison)

Enchantment Circle (Transmutation Circle)
    Changing attributes of an object or animal. (IE Enlarge Person, Fists of Flame)

Spirit Circle
    Spells that involve seeing the future, luck, and detecting good/evil. (IE Limited Wish, Change Fate)

Universal Circle
    Pretty much everything that doesn't fit in a category. (IE Unlock Door, Confuse)
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The Seven Circles of Spells
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