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 Gwyneth Almorhart

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PostSubject: Gwyneth Almorhart   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:22 pm

Quick notes-
Gwen is blind.
Gwen is not aware of her planetouched heritage, neither is it apparent to others.

Full Name: Gwyneth Almorhart
- Nicknames: Gwyn/Gwen

Race: Aasimar Planetouched
- Gender: Female
- Religion: Following of the Five Creators
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Does not have knowledge of generic magic, but as a planetouched was born with a natural knowledge of light spells. Gwen also is supernaturally empathetic.
Age: 23
- Place of Birth: Unknown
Condition: Alive
Occupation and Affiliation: Innkeeper's Assistant
Known Relatives: Miriam Almorhart

Appearance: Gwen's most notable feature is her blue-gray pupils, because of the severe cataracts that impair her vision, paired with blue irises. She also has blonde wavy hair that reaches her mid-back, which might be due to her aasimar nature. She is slightly taller than most women, standing at 5 feet 7 inches (171 cm) and weighing about 130lbs (59 kg).

Equipment and Clothing: Gwen wears a green dress that terminates a few inches above her ankles under a white surcoat, and she either wears a pair of leather sandals or boots; depending on the weather.

History and Personality: The earliest known time in Gwen's life was when she was handed over to her adoptive mother by a Dodiran Soldier. The story goes that Gwen was the only survivor of some epidemic or another, and the soldier found her while clearing the bodies. No one can recall any details of Gwen's survival, the epidemic that struck the town, or even which town it was, but it is the generally accepted story.

When she was being raised by Miriam, her adoptive mother, she was taught much of Tobias manners and formalities, along with the teachings of Tormasratiel, the primary deity of Tobit-borne Humans, She has kept true to her upbringing, and is a devout follower of Tormaratiel.

Currently Gwen works with Miriam at their inn, she is allegedly seeking a husband, but has not shown any real interest in the subject. She is known among her village of Vesper as calm and quiet, hard to anger, patient, and generally affable. She is unexpectedly optimistic considering her blindness and modest standard of living. To this day, Gwen is not aware of her planetouched heritage.
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Gwyneth Almorhart
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