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 Research of Spellbooks

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PostSubject: Research of Spellbooks   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:21 pm

A Collection of Spellbooks
by Garth Ivesson

First a small foreword.

There seems to be some confusion over what makes a book a spellbook. A book with spells written in it to aid memorisation is a spellbook. This book normally contains variations upon the spell, descriptions, warnings, and precise pronounciation guides. The advantage is quite clear, one misstep in the procedure of a ritual causes the spell to become unpredictable. Never would a learned wizard wish to cast a spell they can only remember hazily, however dire the situation may be.

It is commonly mistaken that spellbooks are inherently magic themselves. It is convenient to place enchantments on a spellbook (and a well used book will contain trace amounts of mana after much use), but it is not a magical object by default. With that being said, fill free to use this tome as a spellbook, or copy useful spells down into a separate, smaller, book.


Section I
Simple Hexes and Charms

  • Chains of Magic- a simple binding charm that can be very versatile, it can be used mundanely,--such as to hold together a bundle of supplies--or as a weapon--to bind the target temporarily.
    Requires a simple combination of runes, An Ex Jux, and a bundle of ground garlic. It is possible to either bundle the garlic in the scroll and brush the scroll on the target, or one could hold the garlic in hand and incite the runic names out loud.
    Note this is a useful training spell because it is relatively harmless when cast and does not backfire lethally when miscast.

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Research of Spellbooks
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