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 Legendary Objects of Thesilliar and Beyond

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PostSubject: Legendary Objects of Thesilliar and Beyond   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:20 pm

Various notable objects of Thesilliar.


Feathers of the Capricious Bird

It may be that there is only one such feather, many, or few. Sometimes it falls from the sky, or in the pages of a book, or in one's hand. Maybe it is magical, maybe not. It goes by many names, and quite a few people may have seen it. They bring luck or misfortune. One thing is for sure (possibly), it signals the coming of the White Lady.

"Score years ago, this woman in a white dress appeared, she was chasing after a feather that was floating leisurely down the street. When she caught it she held it close, and I was compelled to ask her why she chased it so. She turned to me and said, 'Whenever I think of it I appear to lose it too.' Before I knew what had happened she had placed the feather into my hat and continued down the street." -Anonymous, Often attributed to Magister Ivesson due to his feathered hat.
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Legendary Objects of Thesilliar and Beyond
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