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 Se'lune Nifflin

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PostSubject: Se'lune Nifflin   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:18 pm

(Belongs to Brother Frenchie Raven Darkwood, saved from old forums)

Se'Lune Nifflin, Lune




Gnome (Deep Gnome/Svirfneblin)

Job and Affiliation-

Outcast magi

Equipment and Clothing-

Black cloth mage hat
Dark purple cloth cloak
Rough leather vest with underneath long-sleeved white cloth shirt
Wide white cloth pants, fastened with leather belt, ends tuck in boots
Thick leather boots reaching to her knees

Heavy black tome
Ruby ring
Leather pouch attached to belt

Personality and History-

Childish, bossy, stubborn and rude, Se'Lune was disliked by many and always ended causing trouble, she was a child prodigy in the arts of magic and was soon taken in by the Svirfneblin mage guild.
Few years later, the mage guild expelled Se'Lune and the city council banished her after she had severely damaged the city temple and its many holy artifacts after being punished for snooping through the forbidden sections of the old library.
Soon afterwards, Se'Lune surfaced, staring at wide open spaces basking in the bright light of the sun in amazement.

Physical Traits-

Short black hair
Dark purplish eyes
Pale gray skin
Barely 4 feet tall (including hat)

Notable Skills-

Gifted magic user, stealthy, poor fighter, can read, write and has basic crafting skills.

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Se'lune Nifflin
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