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 Gabrielus Damyarason

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33rd Caucasian Mage

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PostSubject: Gabrielus Damyarason   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:17 pm

Gabrielus Macharoy Damyarason, Gabriel



Human, Tobit-borne

Job and Affiliation-
Military Archchaplain for the Dodiran Army, Dodiran Noble

Equipment and Clothing-
In battle:
    >Light chain mail reinforced with metal plates with a red and yellow seal painted onto the front (Along the lines of this)
    >Nonstandard leather boots with metal reinforcements, has an eye with a pentagonal pupil carved into the outer-side plates of the boots.
    >A worn steel warhammer
    >A short and light duelling sword

Casually worn:
    >Red long sleeved nobleman's shirt
    >Dark brown evening cloak
    >Beige breeches

Personality and History-
Gabriellus lived a standard life for a Dodiran soldier. Since he could hold a sword up he had trained, having been knighted early at the age of sixteen, he proceeded to prove himself as a respectful leader of men. In his twenties he was assigned to a group of light cavalry chosen to clear out the growing annoyance of the organised goblinoid tribes. After multiple victories on the northern border of Dodira he was promoted to Archchaplain in honour of his faith in the Creators and effective leadership abilities. Then he suddenly began meeting only the minimum requirements for his duties, erring in battle, and disappearing for days at a time, this has gone on for about twelve years without explanation.

In general, Gabriellus is a noble and virtuous man. He attempts to walk both the path of good and the path for the betterment of Dodiran. He is unbiased when dealing with most nationalities and races, caring more about the individual's virtues, or lack thereof. Gabriel works best with Western Dwarves and Tobit-borne humans. (Both due to their large following of the Tobias Creators.) Recently, however, Gabriel has been aloof and unapproachable. Rumours range from an affair with a noblewoman to death threats from the Thieve's Guild.

Physical Traits-
    >About 6'4'' (193 cm), lanky, decent muscle tone but not apparent.
    >Brown irises and roundish Caucasoid eyes.
    >Palish Celtic skin colouration
    >Short straight black hair, greying.

Notable Skills-
Knowledge in the conjuring and abjuring circles. Knows basic swordfighting and how to use his war hammer in one on one combat. Can read and write. Can ride a horse well. Can speak Westdorf. Has a particular skill in leading people.


Other Notes- His casual wear is basically a colonial/victorian brit getup without the silly wig.


"I fight for the Creators; therefore I am already triumphant."
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Gabrielus Damyarason
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