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 Adley Puradum

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PostSubject: Adley Puradum   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:17 pm

(Belongs to Peskwee, saved from old forums)

Captain Adley Puradum




Job and Affiliation-
Dodiran Military Captain

Equipment and Clothing-
Generally a standard Dodiran Military Tabard over chain mail, Light plate mail, A blue plumed helmet. Leather Bracers (Forearm and Shin). A Longsword and Dodiran Officer's shield (Round Shield, with 5 spearpoints spaced equally around the rim to represent the Creators. Steel/Wood) Dark blue Travelling cloak

Personality and History-
Adley is Loyal, Logical and has a strong set of morals. He is respectful to his men and even more so to his superiors. He is one of the Dodiran's Finest Captains, and commands a regiment of one hundred men himself. He has been in the Dodiran Military for 16 years, Drafted when he was 15. He has fought in numerous wars and battles.

Physical Traits-
Brown Hair, Blue eyes, Shaved, with a short beard, Tanned skin, He is average height with a muscled build

Notable Skills-
He has Expert Finesse in Combat and can use nearly any sort of weapon from years practice. He is also Literate, able to read/write.
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Adley Puradum
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