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 Niklaus Vigfusson

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PostSubject: Niklaus Vigfusson   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:16 pm

Niklaus Vigfusson

One-hundred and forty


Onchettan Dwarf

Job and Affiliation-
Blacksmith and Inscriber, Member of the Grey Order

Equipment and Clothing-
Clothing, Weapons, Armour, things a character normally walks around with, can be arranged into "outfits" for different occasions (EX: Combat and Casual)

Personality and History-
Niklaus doesn't speak his mind much--or tell the truth very much when he does--so it is quite hard to figure out his history. He has proven himself wise, but impulsive and not one to show respect. He is a terrible drunk.

As the story goes, he was born and raised in Onchet. He had studied heavily in his early life, but he never seemed to have joined the Onchet's army or make himself known. After an indeterminate amount of time, Niklaus joined the Grey Order and has since worked for the shady group.

Physical Traits-
4'0'' tall (122 cm), weighs about 210 lbs (100 kilos), stout and muscular build
Has a tannish ruddy complexion, with multiple liver spots and dark circles around his eyes.
Has his grey-white hair pulled back into a shoulder-length braided pony tail. His beard is composed of multiple small braids, each only about 1-2 inches long (3-5 cm).
His eyes are blue-green and almond shaped.

Notable Skills-
Can work metal, identify ores, and enchant weapons. Knows how to read Runic, Maresh, Song-speak, Tobian, Graak, and numerous ancient languages. Can write in Runic and Maresh. Can speak Maresh and Westdorf. Has knowledge of basic swordplay.
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Niklaus Vigfusson
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