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 Ira (Elemental)

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PostSubject: Ira (Elemental)   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:15 pm

Ira, One of a Hundred Names

Estimated 400.

Neutral, Feminine

Conjured Water Elemental

Job and Affiliation-
Conjured One, Allied with Gabriel

Personality and History-
Ira forgets her old past whenever she chooses a new master. Recently, she has chosen Gabriel after his last conjured one was destroyed.

Ira is not near-human, and as such does not follow human rules of manners and morals. However, she deeply respects wizards for their control over magic. She finds it morally unacceptable to disobey orders, but not unacceptable to kill, torture, steal, or lie as long as it is within reason. Contrary to what her moral code might imply, Ira does not have a tendency for killing sprees or extreme torture. On the other hand, Ira is unlikely to actively help anybody but a small group of people, though her innate curiosity may lead to altruistic acts.

Physical Traits-
Amorphous puddle of water. Her most defining trait is the cup that she is summoned in, a blue ceramic cup with lighter blue waves painted around the base and an engraved spell circle inside the cup at the bottom. She takes on a thin sub-humanoid shape when operating--or attempting to operate--devices made for humanoids.

Ira's size is determined by the body of water she is summoned in, her maximum size being 3,000 gallons (11,356 litres, about the size of a semi-trailer) the few times she was summoned in a lake. The thinnest tendril of water she still has full control (rather; move as if it were a prehensile appendage, instead of hanging off the main water mass uselessly or falling completely off of the main water mass) is a tendril with 2 centimetres in circumference.

Ira can normally be recognised in her liquid form, but has taken on properties of ice and steam on rare occasions.

Notable Skills-
Control over water. She is enchanted with Tongues, effectively speaking every language her summoner knows, and Spiritspeak.
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Ira (Elemental)
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