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 Jude (Thief)

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PostSubject: Jude (Thief)   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:15 pm

(Belongs to Meradin, Saved from old forums)

Full Name:
Jude (Unknown last and middle name)

21 years



He is of neutral or rebel affiliation, depending on the time and place.

A black parasol created for him. (He will not reveal who created it)
The parasol has a built in blade for use in combat.

Jude carries with him his thieving tools:
A grappling hook, a few throwing knives, and anything he deems "useful".

A black doublet, hose, stockings and shoes. His shoes have slightly rounded rather than square toes. For cold weather he wears a black, fur-lined gown over his clothes. All of his clothing is stolen, except for his hat. He wears a hat similar in style to a fedora. He does not change for combat or casual, unless necessary. He also likes to disguise himself with whatever he can find when thieving. (Pretty much Jude's clothing)

A trickster with a good sense of humor. He gets some people angry who, according to him, "Have no sense of humor whatsoever." He is a generally fun person to be around, unless police are near. He comes off as an idiot, but is actually a brilliant young man. He loves all forms of the arts, and especially loves to steal them for himself.

Orphaned at birth, an Eccia family adopted Jude. His birth parents gave him the name Jude. He grew up with the Eccia family, but seemed to be very much a loner. He loved his adopted parents and learned much from them including magic, art (appreciation and abilities), and music (appreciation). Not much is known of his biological family other than a torn up picture of his parents, his uncle, his cousin, and his grandfather (The parents' faces are unable to be seen, and it is unknown why they were blotted out). The only thing given to him by his parents is his hat, which he treasures more than his own life.

At the age of 10 he ran away from his Eccia adopted family and became friends with another loner. The man has not been seen in ages, however.

Physical Traits:
He stands at 5' 10" and is very skinny. Jude has short, slicked back dark brown hair which is usually covered by his hat. He has long sideburns that form into a medium-length beard which is kept under control. He has mostly blue eyes, with a ring of brown surrounding the pupil and a ring of green surrounding that ring of brown. His eyes seem to nearly be different colors. He does not have very much muscle and weighs around 115 lbs. He has skin that is sort of pale, but not "ghostly white" pale.

Combat Style:
For normal combat Jude mostly uses his parasol. He can wield it either as a sword with the included blade, or as a club without any attachment. He uses the throwing knives for ranged combat, and can use (however crudely) nearly anything he picks up to fight. Jude can fight unarmed, but isn't terribly good at it.

Magic Style:
He uses his parasol as a sort of magic staff if possible.
Jude uses conjuration magic and planar magic mostly. He knows most basic spells due to his Eccia parents, and is able to pick up new ones quickly.

=Just tell me if you see anything you find that isn't right.=
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Jude (Thief)
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