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 Enma (Monk)

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PostSubject: Enma (Monk)   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:14 pm

(Belongs to Meradin, saved from old forums)

No known real name, received name Enma when he became a monk at age 5.

18 years



Job and Affiliation-
Monk, Neutral Affiliation


Baggy green pants, Baggy green vest. He does not change depending on combat or casual.

Nearly wiped of all personality due to the monk training. Ran away to avoid complete loss of himself. He shows basic emotions, happiness, sadness, etc. He learns more when around others.

Born into a wealthy family who despised him, he was sent into monastic order by his parents. The order stripped him of his name, personal belongings, and nearly his full personality. He ran away to avoid becoming an "undead" like the other monks. He fled the order at age 12. The name Enma was given to him due to his feather color and hair style at the time of joining the monastic order. It was decided that he would wield a scythe, and be trained in its use. He would have become a guardian of the order.

Physical Traits-
Gray eyes, Long black hair tied back into a pony-tail (which he has grown since running away), brown feathers with hints of green and blue, height of 5 ft., weight of 70 lbs.

Notable Skills-
Expert training in the use of a scythe, no knowledge of the use of magic or what it is (it was banned in the monastic order.), able to speak, read, and write in all main languages, and most off-shoots.
Ability to soar through the air, however he is weighted down by his scythe. His top speed in air, so far, is around 35 mph. He was not taught to use his weapon mid-air, but he trains himself to do so. He can (Very awkwardly) handle his scythe mid-air.

=Again, see anything you find wrong, just tell me.=
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Enma (Monk)
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