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 Devon Hylander

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PostSubject: Devon Hylander   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:12 pm

(Belongs to CPTRedline, saved from old forums)

Full Name: Devon Hylander

- Race: Human
- Gender: Male
- Religion: N/A
- Age: 21
- Place of Birth: His best guess is on the border of Dodira and the Sandaria Waste
- Condition: Alive
- Occupation and Affiliation: Free roamer. Lives off of money earned doing jobs for a day or money given to him.
- Known Relatives: None. Dead/Unknown.

- Appearance: His hair is brown, medium length, and in a tattered mess most of the time. He has cold blue eyes that are always aware, watching for threats. He has a medium build, not the strongest, but quick in combat. He has very tanned and scared skin from his travels.

- Equipment and Clothing: Devon, being poor, has ragged clothes. His shirt is torn in numerous places, and his pants are ripped at the knees and are too baggy/long. He wears a black cloak that hides his sword. Most haven't seen it, and those who have wonder how he got it. It isn't a king's sword, but it isn't a normal soldier's sword either. His dad, on his death bed, gave him the sword.

Personality/History: Devon is quiet, only speaking when spoken to or if it what he has to say is important enough. Growing up with parents that lived in exile, constantly moving from place to place, he has grown a dislike towards people, and is generally an outsider. From estimated guesses, he believes that he was born in the Sandaria Waste, and grew up in neighbouring countries. His parents died, about 10 years ago, bringing Devon out of the Sandaria Waste. Not very quick to anger, he is quite passive, but will defend himself if necessary. Even if directly confronted, he won't fight until the last moment. Because of this, most take him as soft, but that is their worst mistake. He holds no regrets, and is willingly to backstab anyone if it means his life.
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Devon Hylander
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