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 Radamant Morr

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PostSubject: Radamant Morr   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:11 pm

(Belongs to Peskwee, saved from old forums)

Full Name: Radamant Morr
- Nicknames: Has gone by countless aliases
- Titles: The Ever-watcher, The Coward of a Thousand Years. (Titles known only to very few who have lived long enough to know)

Race: Human/Shapeshifter
- Gender: Male
- Religion: None
- Notable Abilities/Feats: Has been cast out of almost every city in Erema or Dodira, numerous times each.
Age: Unknown, He himself has forgotten, but he guesses just under a thousand years.
- Place of Birth: The (Old) Xirus'Tyr Empire (Current Day Nightlands)
Condition: Weak and Starving, Searching for Restoration of his Original Power
Occupation and Affiliation: None, He has not been affiliated with any organization for a vast period of time.
Known Relatives: He killed his mother and Sister in Year 1262 P.R. I His father died in the Wars of the Shadowspawn two years later. He has no other known Relatives.

Appearance: His most commonly known 'Form' is a small thin man, with a sneering face and grey eyes. Balding and patchy stubble for a beard. He has scars across much of his exposed skin and wears hoods and tight clothing often.

Equipment and Clothing: Basic merchant tunic and breeches. A riding robe with a hood that is always pulled up. A Ring he always idly touches and spins, obsessively. He never takes the ring off and has known to kill any who attempt to take it. A small and dagger of old empire design.

Personality: Has been described as shady, Cowardly, dangerous, Odd, A cursed man, a poor fool, an abomination.

History: Very little is known about his past.
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Radamant Morr
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